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starwood hotels and resorts worldwide - one of the world's largest hotel and leisure companies.

assisted in the management, development, and launching of the new websites for all of its brands and the company’s customer loyalty program (starwood preferred guests).

starwood developed a new online strategy with the goal to be the leader in hotel and leisure industry in leveraging technology to service its customers, and reduce the cost of making online reservations.

we first stabilized starwood's original websites by helping them bring the website maintenance in-house. while the new architecture was being designed, we helped starwood develop a team of employees that would assist in developing and maintaining the new site.

the new architecture that was created became the technical foundation for the company, with the expectation that they were going to see rapid online growth shortly after launch. this architecture was designed to be both vertically and horizontally scalable. the design also included leveraging the company's legacy applications.

starwood continues to reap the benefits of this highly scalable design. starwood's online revenue continues to grow, exceeding many of the original estimates. the company is now more competitive by driving more of its reservations online, which is cheaper and more responsive to the customers than other channels.

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